Friday, June 13, 2003

More Games

Okay, Knights of the Old Republic is coming out this month. I've seen emails for pre-orders but after getting burned badly pre-ordering Pool of Radiance, the deal has to be pretty damn sweet before I'll fall for it again. But the game is everything I wanted in a Jedi game. Placed in the "Tales of the Jedi" era (about four thousand years before the movie) it's the height of the Jedi's Power. The council has yet to be formed but the Jedi aren't as hidebound as they become before the get eated by Darth Vader and the Emperor. However the Sith are invading the Galactic Republic so there's lots of bad guys for you to face off against. Mmmmm, Sith. Ethen Phillips (Nelix on Voyager) and Ed Asner are some of the people doing the voice work for it. Should sound good!

Last Sunday we had a baby shower/game night and Jay showed us "Burnout 2" for the Xbox. The racing part of it wasn't what we saw, however. Apparently there's a sub-game in which the objective is to crash into other things (cars, buses, buildings, etc.) causing as much damage as possible. Your score is recorded in the dollar amount of damage you do. I broke $400k but Jay hit half a mil easy!

The Crimson Skies Xbox game is supposed to be coming out soon too. Mmmm, planes, Jedi and crashes, how could you lose?


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