Thursday, June 12, 2003

What's the deal with these dumb popups. Even as I'm writing that sentence, I lost focus from the browser as my copy of Ad-Aware prevented another popup from claiming my attention. This is more annoying than those phone company calls during dinner asking you if you wanted to change your long distance carrier. At least with those you could yell at the poor telemarketer, slam the phone down on the hook and mutter curses under your breath.

And that's one of the things about Windows I don't much like. You'll start a program which opens a window. Things seem to be taking awhile so you'll open another window to do something else. All of the sudden BAM you're back in the first window because what you started there is finished. Outlook/Exchange is notorious about that in my experience! I always want to say to it "Stop that! I'll come back to you when I'm ready, you just wait patiently over there!". Of course Windows is like a puppy who always wants to be the center of attention and will pee on the carpet if you glance away for a second!

Now I tried to correct the Life of Riley (which is updated weekdaily now) URL on the bar (points to the top of the blog). Figured I'd add Foxtrot since I try to read that daily now too.


Okay, did I get the html code right? (the code for the headings and those nifty little lines under them) We'll see when I actually post this thing.

My leg is getting much better but it's a bit stiff today. For those who haven't heard I had a hematoma left over from my motorcycle accident last October. It got infected about two weeks ago (during a Vampire game no less) and I had to go back into the hospital for surgery. This was on a Thursday evening and things were rough on Friday as I fought off the infection. It's not much fun when you're under three blankets and still shivering one minute and ten minutes later you're sweating your flimsy little hospital gown off. To top that off they left the incision open and I had to "pack" it with gauze for two weeks. That ooked a lot of people out when I told them about it!


I played MechWarrior last night. It was a pretty cool scenario. Your 300 point force was falling through the atmosphere in what they called a "hot drop" so all your units had to have jump jets special equipment. You place one of your units then the other guys places one and back and forth. Then for the first four turns of the game you were falling and could only move 2" instead of your normal move. I lost. Twice. Of course. My dice hate me and I don't bother to devote enough attention to picking out my units to actually win but it's fun to play (except for a few people who take things WAY too seriously) and so I often get the fellowship prize because I have such a good attitude about it.

Tonight we continue our Iron Kingdoms Witchfire campaign. They should find some interesting things and the story should proceed significantly. If I say much more then my players may get wise to things! But we're all having a lot of fun with this. I'll try and post some good stories from the game now that I'm updating my blog more frequently.

Lorie is gone this weekend so I'll probably play some Dark Age of Camelot. I play on Gaheris (Izradain/Izrador) sometimes but mostly on Guin ... (I can never spell this) Guinevere with my guild Nature's Shadow (Bondevid/Kerraldan/Gebwyn/others to numerous to mention). If anyone reading this catches me online then say hi!


Okay, I seem to be getting back into the html/perl/php/whatever mode pretty easily again. I finally finished a mysql query/perl script to find out some stuff another group wanted yesterday. It worked so well I did another chunk of data today and although it was bigger and took longer to do what I wanted, I wrote the code all myself with only one question to one of the other sysadmins. Pretty soon I should be back in the groove. Now I just have to get a php page finished and then I can actually get some work done!


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