Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Okay, now it seems to be updating.
Well, I updated this and but some board like tags (with brackets instead of angle brackets) up and it seems to be taking awhile to get it updated. Sorry!


Okay, it's finally time for me to get back to this thing and (perhaps) to keep it a bit up to date. At least so that my friends who aren't in Columbia can keep up to date on what's going on here. A few things first.

One of my old Army Buddies, Tony Funkhouser (yea, go ahead and laugh at his name, some people already have, but I know he's cool) has left for Iraq. He's taking command (he's a Lieutenant Colonel now - oh, and I guess I'm a Major) of the 5th Engineer Battalion (Corps)(Mech). They'll probably get to do some real construction, which Army Engineers never get to do in garrison because it might impact local contractors and whatnot. He flew out on the 30th of May and takes command on the 18th of June. I got an invitation and a few guys at work have tried to talk me into going but I don't see it happening. I doubt I could get a visa and I don't see the Army letting civilians into the country. In addition it seems disgruntled Iraqis have taken to using mortars in their ambushes. My dad got pissed enough at me when I had a motorcycle accident, I don't want to imagine how peaved he'd be if I were killed in an Iraqi ambush pulling a stunt like that!

Lorie, the woman I've been seeing, has advanced to the status of Girlfriend, just for those of my friends who need a label. Things are going well though we both seem to be pretty busy a lot of the time. Everybody loves her and I think she's Pretty Spiffy(tm) too!


Work seems to stay the same as always although now is the time when we get to actually do changes to the servers since class isn't in session. I'm working on some changes to the bigbrother server I run which require I dredge out my php knowledge but that should be a good thing.


I just finished Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (Xbox version) for the first time. I'll probably go through it with the elven sorceress and the dwarf fighter so it will be two more times before I pass it off to Jeff or Jay or one of the other guys who has an Xbox.

Brute Force is out and I've been working on that slowly. And I got the Crimson Skies game that came out a few years ago. It's not supposed to run under XP but we'll see. The boards seem to indicate many people get it to run.

Speaking of Crimson Skies, WizKids came out with their click game. Pretty slick. Fun and graphical with the painted, 3D planes. The released two squadron packs (4 models) and an "aces pack" with two minis and two planes (still only 4 models). The next installment was supposed to be the same size (an ace pack and two squadron packs) with only four more models coming out at the end of July. They pushed one of the squadron packs up to next week and one back to August with the aces early July. Nice.

To add to the gaming goodness I get bombarded with, they also released the next MechWarrior expansion, which has HELICOPTERS!!! Anyone who knows me knows I'm a helio fanatic. I haven't gotten to play much with the new set but it looks good so far.

The Midnight campaign is long over now. All the notes got finished but I'm not supposed to advertise the URL since people who might buy the book might see it and they're worried that it would hurt sales if they see a "preview". But we all had a blast and I think it's different enough in it's final form to not have that much of an impact. But it's not up to me. The main book has been out for awhile now. The second book, something with prestige classes, feats, etc. is out now too. The campaign book should be hitting stores any time now.

The Iron Kingdoms Witchfire campaign is going well. We're about a third of the way through the first book and everyone is having a blast. One of the NPCs in Act I was pretty spooky (an old bum who lived in a graveyard). I role played him so well that one of the players said "Jim seems to have many Gollum like qualities" to which someone responded "Heck, Gollum has many Jim like qualities!".


Still haven't put that new hard drive in. But I have a cable modem now. Nice. All I need now is a router so I can hook up the Xbox and get Xbox Live. Although none of the Live games have really grabbed me so I'm not in a hurry right now. When Jeff moves to Colorado then I probably will be so I can still play Halo with him.


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