Friday, March 28, 2003


Okay, how many times do I have to try to edit the template to get my link list to show up on the top bar. This is getting as annoying as the CNN web pages!! (but that's another story) Well I looked and my links are still there. No idea why they're not showing up but it's getting annoying enough to become "strike one" (an old, particularily bad joke). Two more and this place is history!

It looks like I missed posting last week. Or I was lazy. Not that I really care one way or the other.

Lorie and I (and a few others) went to a new Chinese place last Friday called "Q's". Awfully good food at a reasonable price. And Columbia hasn't had any really good Chinese places for a long time. Maybe we'll see a movie this weekend. We both want to see "Gods and Generals" but it's supposed to be three hours long. No soda for you!


The same as always. I need to get some documentation done this week and it seems like everything is conspiring to prevent it. Oh well, I'll have the Op Center twice next week and that should give me time to get it done. Tuesday I was out, some strange intestinal problem that you don't want to know about. And I need to clean this damn desk off.

The War

I don't know anyone directly who was shipped over there. At least I hope I don't. My two best Army buddies are both Lieutenant Colonels now so presumeably they wouldn't be too close to the fighting but a SCUD doesn't care what rank you are. Neither does a mine. But snipers look for officers. Well they both survived the SandBox the first time ...

I was reading Joe Heck's blog the other day and he was talking about a reporter who had put a young lieutenant on the spot not realizing that the reporter owed his potential survival to this guy. Smart. About as smart as a lot of the journalism professors I've been exposed to (which explains why the journalism students are more moronic than other students). Best not say much more or I'll get a new one opened by Management (so to speak). Some mailing lists I read have had some things to say about the coverage. Images of bad things happening or announcements about a soldier from some place being killed with little regard for the families this leaves in agony until the Military gets the notification done and they know. Morons. Or perhaps its more vindictive than that. Perhaps it's not stupidity but rather callousness, that they don't care what effect their stories have on the people back home. If that's the case then we can only hope they (as Mr. Garrison from "South Park" says) that they die and they go to H*ll.


Well Wednesday was the completion of my first month working as a Battlemaster. It kept me busy those nights and was fun. I signed up for the ones in May and Katie told me she'd let me take over the two tournaments she has scheduled for next month. But how will we get a swiss rounds tournament done in three hours? Well, we'll figure something out. The volunteer part of the WizKids forums are getting to be a place where people whine a lot instead of a place to go to get advice or anything. "Waa coach, I don't want to wear the pink polka dotted shorts!"

We play Midnight again on Monday. This is supposed to be our last session, we'll die or finish the quest. I would post the URL for the journal again but Jeff thinks that Greg (the line editor for Midnight) wouldn't like my giving away the story before the book is even out. So you guys will have to wait. The main book is back from the printers and should be making it's way to a store near you, if you're interested. There's also a Yahoo group about the game.


Well I bought some ebooks to read on my Axim. Pretty slick. I got a new Star Wars novel and discovered there were two others in between that one and the last I had read. So I went looking for them. One is still in hardback but the other was an ebook. So I got a bunch of them and it's pretty slick reading them this way. Until you run out of power that is! ;-P

I still haven't installed that 80 Gb drive I got on the home machine. And it looks at first pass like it won't happen this weekend either.


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