Friday, June 13, 2003

The title bar menu seems to be okay now so I should stop monkeying with it. Those of you who program know, however, that this just won't happen! We'll see how long it lasts.


Not much for this topic today. Maybe later.


Okay, I hate when I do that. Last night we played Iron Kingdoms at Andy's house. It's a good location, close to campus, pretty centrally located for those who live scattered all over the city (not that Columbia is that big) and he's got lots of room with a nice big dining room table. While sitting for all those hours I sometimes get "wallet butt". Sitting on a wallet with too much junk in it gets uncomfortable. So I take it out and set it on the table next to me. Now we're talking about a guy who has everything you could ever think of in his bag (which changes shape from time to time - my Army classmates used to call it the "Everything Bag" because if they asked for it, I could pull it out of the bag). Lately it's been in a cloth sack that my BMW motorcycle boots came in. (I keep using it for nostalgia's sake since I can't ride bikes anymore on pain of being disowned by friends and family)

So this morning we get back from our break walk (we called it GOYA (said in a gravelly deep voice), short for Get Off Your A$$) I realized my wallet was missing. After much cubicle searching, a drive home to see if I even put it in my pocket, retracing our walk steps (including stopping at the bank and the coffee place to see if someone turned it in) it suddenly occured to me that last time I "lost it" I had left it at Jay's after a D&D game. So I tried to call Andy but he's working at a law firm this summer and I don't have that number. Then I sent email desparately asking if I had left it. Finally I realized that I might have picked it up with all the other junk I had out last night and put it into the BMW bag. Sure enough that's where it was. Finding it is a nice feeling, obviating that sinking feeling you get when you realize you'll have to call all the credit card companies, the bank and The Lord Above to cancelling everything.

Oh and the game was a blast too!


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