Tuesday, June 17, 2003

What is it with the media these days? Now CBS has been trying to convince Jessica Lynch to give them exclusive rights and the New York Times is calling them on "checkbook journalism". And her notoriety (sp?) is from having survived a wrong turn and then getting her fat pulled out of the fire by the Special Forces! (not that I'm diminishing the soldiers, marines, airmen or sailors who were involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom - who makes up these names? - in any way) The SF troops should be the ones being wooed for book and movie deals!

Anyone who knows me knows my position on the media (they haven't reported accurately on the military since the Crimean War!). But when the news people are IN the news it must be a slow news day. I would say "sorry" to any journalist who read this but that would be hypicritical, I'm not sorry. For every good gal or guy in the media there seems to be fifty Geraldos around (and he's PDL - pretty damn lucky - his stunt didn't get any soldiers killed or wounded or he would have found himself reporting on a courts martial from the "wrong" end!).

And that's another thing, what's up with the 's' at the end of court in "courts martial"? Yes, it's not a misspelling and that is the way it's spelled (UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice and the "Manual for Courts Martial").


Gaming goodness for this week starts tonight with Vampire. And that is always a long day because I have to be in to work early to man the Op Center. The game rarely ends before midnight and I'm up at 6. "Pshaa" you say? Well I'm getting old and need my beauty sleep! Why do people use that phrase? Especially those of us who would still be homely if we were beat to death with the "beauty stick"! (you know there is one since everyone is always talking about the "ugly stick" and there has to be balance!)

I pre-ordered the Neverwinter Nights module yesterday. And then I found out someone out there in Internet Land is trying to work up an Iron Kingdoms NwN module. Hmmm.

'Puters, or is it Work

They (the ubitquous "they" as in the CDT = Central Directorate of They) must have gotten a new machine or reinstalled the OS on the one in the Op Center. I got in and had no preferences so I had to set everything up again.


Hmmm. Seems to me there was something else I was going to post yesterday but I didn't and can't remember what it was now. Oh well, it's not like this thing needs a whole lot more of my rambling (unless it's funny!).

I did fiddle with my menu bar again but it seems to be okay now.


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