Monday, July 14, 2003

Well the tortilla making is getting better. I discovered the next day that it makes a whole lot of difference if you can let the dough "relax" before you press it and grill it. Last night was Jeff's going away party. Aaron make some kick a$$ enchiladas from a cooking magazine recipe (how often does the amount of filling exactly match the number of things needing filled?), Jack brought drinks, Brand and John brough brews and I made rice and beans. I also brought the machine and made quesidillas. I used some Habenero Jack cheese I got from a company in New York state. Spicy!

Aaron had taken the footage from our 2nd Annual All-Star Gamer Retreat and edited it into a pretty funny video. He made a DVD for Jeff with a cool cover (including a label on the disk itself). Now I just need to find the work DVD burner so I can make copies for the people he didn't know where coming (Jason's back in town after his residency is over).


I'm nearly finished with the Neverwinter Expansion. Not bad so far. The prestige classes are pretty cool.

I went back into Camelot for a bit this weekend. Our guild has it's own guildhouse now. Pretty spiffy as Iludarae, our guildmistress, says. We also went hunting in Trieb (I always forget how it's spelled) and that was a hoot.

I pre-ordered Knights of the Old Republic and it should ship this week. Sweet!


Well Lorie and I had a talk on Sunday when I took her ... wait, she took me, to breakfast. It seems she has decided we don't have enough in common but she wants to go back to being friends. Guess I will have to rethink the strategic plan and revise it! ;-) It is, after all, only a matter of time and I can be patient when necessary.


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