Friday, June 27, 2003

Well now, I have a new toy. ... Well I tried to go out and find a link but the reason it only cost me $20 is because it went out of production.

Anyway it's a Hamilton Beach Flatbread MealMaker Express. It's got a heated press to make tortillas, pitas and other flatbread with a griddle on top to cook the fillings. Pretty nitfy. I'm taking it over to Lorie's tonight to make something for them as they rearrange the furniture (again?). I've been wracking my brain all day to try and find something to cook since she's started back in on the vegetarian thing again (she used to be and then stopped for awhile). I'll let you know how it works out.


I'm about 2/3rds of the way through the new NeverWinter Nights expansion, Shadows of Undrentide. Kind of an unwieldy name for the Underdark (Undrentide) but I suppose they may have wanted to avoid copyright issues. Still it's proving to be pretty spiffy (as Vonne says). Five new prestige classes (I'm trying a shadowdancer and an arcane archer first), new spells, new skills, new feats and a bevy of new development tools. Now that I've gotten back into it I'll have to go over to the Vault at and see about trying the best modules people have posted. I found a good module there for "editing" characters so I got them up to 1st level in the prestige class and started over.

I haven't tried the new clicky game, Shadowrun Duels yet but I've got a demo kit. They're no longer minis since they're the size of GI Joes! They're calling it an "action figure game".

I played Medal of Honor on the Xbox long enough to decide that I may get a copy of it (used anyway). Burnout 2 was pretty slick looking but I only played the crash game. It was a hoot (I got up to $7.7 million in damages).


I went down to the "Twilight Festival" last night with Jeff's family. His neices are cute as anything once they get used to you. Lorie joined us and we had a great time. The girls wanted to have their faces painted so we were on a quest!


I got a sticky piece of php finished today. Well okay, not finished but I (with some help) fixed the function which had been vexing me for a few days. It reads a directory listing and constructs a pull down menu from the contents. Now I need to rig up a mail to option to send the form results to me.

Well I guess this is all for today. Have a good weekend.


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