Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Well the first attempts (Friday evening) at making tortillas wasn't that good. I discovered through experimentation this weekend that you really should let the dough "relax" for a bit before you make it. Although it makes this cool whining sound as the heated plates press the dough into the pseudo-circular shape. Most of them broke apart but that was okay since I was only making quesillas anyway.

Saturday and Sunday I make tacos (chicken & beef) with more success. Now I can begin to experiment with other recipes and perfect the tortillas. I still can't get them to brown on the griddle on top!


Tonight is the very last Vampire game in our campaign. It should be cool since most of us have level 10 powers in something. Garrett and Laura (who is now channelling Hardstadt) have it in Auspex, Jeff in Serpentis and I have it in Obtenebration.

Thursday we have Iron Kingdoms and this will be Jeff's last game so I'm going to try to get the first book, The Longest Night (use this to view the site better), finished. It should prove to be interesting. I'll miss his gobber, Grindel (short name) but he's going to try to get Jason Werner to play it for him after he leaves. Jason has finished his residency in St. Louis and is moving back here with his fiance.

I'm into chapter 2 of Shadows of Undrentide finally. My shadowdancer is level 4, the arcane archer is 3 and I've gotten an assassin up to 3. I'm not sure if the harper scout or the blackguard is next. I discovered that it isn't a lame name for the Underdark (well it wouldn't be since they have the rights to the Forgotten Realms stuff anyway or they wouldn't have been able to do Neverwinter in the first one) but rather the name for one of the fallen (they used to float apparently) Nerithil cities. An ancient, powerful, magic using race who died off millenia ago. Hmmm, maybe.


Well the php got further. Now it will read a directory of perl scripts, strip off the '.pl' extension and display the list in a pull down menu. I also created an array of bad tests (old or not applicable) and finally got it to exclude them from the list. Next is to make it mail to a couple of email addresses. That shouldn't be bad since it's easy in html.

This week (tomorrow) is the first time I go on-call again since the Open Systems team got dismantled and I lost my sysadmin duties. Hopefully I won't have too many calls that I can't fix myself and have to call for help on.


I got back to the gym yesterday and I hope I can keep it up this week (except for today in the Op Center). I'm feeling particularily slug-like lately. Unfortunately they've started ripping up the sidewalks around the Student Rec Center in their rennovations and it's a pain to actually get into the building. They should turn it into an obstacle course instead to help us with our workouts!

More later since I'm in here all day today instead of just this morning.


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