Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Well I just got a package and it seems that the hint book for KotOR got here before the game did! Interesting.

Star Wars last night was good. What was going to be just a pit stop while they delivered the agent and the cargo to an expert on the Sith turned into the discovery of the aftermath of an attack (think Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru in Episode IV), that someone stole one of the Sith work droids they were supposed to deliver and a meeting with a Force Spirit. I don't know what I told Marlin but it spooked him and once he got back to the ship he told them "We're leaving. Now!". Apparently I can play pretty ookey NPCs when I run games (remember the Egger bit?).

I've got some good ideas for changes to the Fool's Errand Iron Kingdoms adventure. It should be good but they won't get to the new parts (most of them anyway) until next session. I need to sit down and write the ideas I have up though so I won't lose them. It seems like more and more lately I get distracted and forget things. Getting old I suppose.


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