Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Well it's been awhile since I wrote. Not busy, more lazy. Galaxies has slowed down, doing a few other things. Not the things I should (buying a house, working out, etc.) but other things. The family is good, no news from that front on the middle brother causing more heartache. Got a new cell phone. So far T-Modile (Catherine Zeta-Jones notwithstanding) isn't much more impressive than Sprint was, but the Motorola V66 is pretty slick. And for not needing one of those color, game-playing camera phones that cost you all of next month's paycheck it was pretty good. Of course they're taking their own sweet time about getting me the rebate forms and such but that's a given.

The gang's discussion about a kung-fu system to lay on top of d20 is proceeding. We may be doing some playtesting in the near future. Jason is getting married this weekend. Who'd a thought! Jeff is coming back into town and we're having a football team sized dinner at the steakhouse side of Osaka's.

Crimson Skies and Heroes on the Xbox are both pretty slick. Diehard d20 grognards won't like the later because it uses a hybrid system from the skills, feats and spells but I'm having fun.

Better go make reservations and cancel the Sprint phone. And for the record Sprint PCS sucks.


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