Friday, November 14, 2003


Okay, Galaxies still owns my soul but it's giving it back periodically. I joined a guild called the "Universal Adventurer's Union, who's motto is "No l337 d00dz, No bling, bling". A pretty cool group of people. And they just patched yesterday and added mounts (like the kaadu the gunguns ride in Episode I) and player cities. Pretty slick looking. But having enough skills as a Creature Handler, I can train mounts so I suspect I'll be in "tellhell" for awhile.

Other stuff is going well. I'm looking forward to Jeff visiting later this month. Work is going okay again and has slowed down enough to get some other stuff done. My brother doesn't seem to be causing too many waves at my dad's house. The Iron Kingdoms campaign is moving along nicely but I wish Jack could come back in (he had to drop out for awhile because of scheduling and being too busy).

Last night Aaron, Jason and Andy started designing a new game. They were talking about the new Matrix movie and started postulating how you would role play it. It seems like it's going to be some sort of card based system of combat to be patched into an existing system, likely d20 initially. We'll see how it plays out but they had some interesting ideas.


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