Friday, September 19, 2003

Avast! Arrgh! I hope ye have a good "Talk like a Pirate" day me hearties!

I got a baseball jersey for it. On the way home last night I needed to stop at Wal-Mart and get a light bulb for my bedside lamp and it occurred to me that Halloween is just around the corner. And sure enough, they had a pirate outfit kit with an eyepatch. And while it's not dress like a pirate day, a prop can go a long way when you're role playing! Trust me on this.


Well, Star Wars Galaxies still owns my soul. My character (Banzai Draloh on Naritus) is a Master Artisan (who can't really make a lot of things but can make electronics modules) and is dabbling in Bio-Engineering and Droid Engineering. I also started dabbling in Creature Handling but that's become more serious at the expense of everything else. But I've got interesting pets and can have two of them out at once. If I get to Master Creature Handler I can have three out. But I've run out of skill points so whenever I get enough experience to get another skill I have to give something else up. Bio-Engineering will probably have to wait and after that I don't know what. But I need to make a few dewbacks first since they're working on making rideable mounts next.


Still busy. More and more machines upstairs at the Outpost. It doesn't seem like we're getting at all ahead. But it's better that the kids bring the machine in and let us patch it than they try it themselves. For some of them anyway.


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