Thursday, October 02, 2003


Okay so SWG still owns my soul but I'm taking it back little by little. My character has started working seriously on Creature Handling and has two half grown Grauls. Mean looking suckers, big too. I've visited every planet (not stayed long on some of the really Angry ones) and had a blast. Stole a lot of babies, sold a few and gotten eaten a few times.


It's finally starting to slow down a bit. Not stacks and stacks of systems upstairs waiting to have blaster cleaned off them. I got one today and the girl told our receptionist that she thought she might have a "spider on her computer".


My quest to get some exercise equipment in the front bedroom isn't going too well so far. Getting procrastinated too often. And Dad called late last week about a virus on his computer (he's still running 98, I need to get him updated).

Well, that's all for now. Later!


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