Thursday, October 23, 2003


Well I have actually played another game lately besides SWG. We had a guild officer's meeting in Dark Age of Camelot last weekend and I dropped in long enough to witness the mayhem (well rpg mayhem) in a sad sort of leadership battle.

But they (Sony) are getting close to adding mounts (critters you can ride) to the game (SWG) now and I'm back to working on my creature handling so I can train some things for the rest of the crew to ride. Jay seems to have dropped out of the game and Garrett has been too busy to play any but late at night after the rest of us give up and go to bed. However we've gotten Marlin and Yvonne in (Vonne being totally tired of the PvP in DAoC). She was a wookie at first, matching her character in our face-to-face Star Wars game but she decided to change once she got into the game and got a feel for it.


Well things have finally slowed down. I don't know if it's because we had people upstairs who finally got to take a day off or two or if we actually did disinfect every student computer on campus! But it's good to be able to get back to coding and linux.

Life & Family

Well it seems that my brother (the middle one, I'm the oldest) has decided, officially, not to EVER grow up. He got married and went into the Army after high school, got divorced, spent a year in Korea, married a Korean girl, had a baby and then got out of the service (admirable so far although the divorce was questionable). He then decided to go to school (also admirable). He goes to Germany to school (?? what the heck, I liked Europe when I was there). After finishing he comes back to Phoenix where dad and the younger brother, his (2nd) wife and a passel of kids are, moving in to the house with them (whoa, lots of people in there) until he can get on his feet (okay, I can see this).

So after living on their couch for a year and a half he finally moves out. An assortment of questionable decisions later he's married again (3rd time for him) to a woman with a baby (nothing to say here, I only met her once or twice and she seems nice to me). Her family kicks her out finally since my brother won't (for some reason) get a job. I hear that he thinks that he's too good to flip burgers now that he's educated and the IT field is kind sparse these days.

But last week he calls my sister in law (he apparently won't talk to our younger brother, my guess is because he heard things he didn't want to hear from him) to tell her he has to move in this next weekend. Not to ask, mind you, but to tell (not the way I would have requested a favor). Dad is worrying himself sick over it, stressing out. Stressing out so bad that the shunt he got a few years ago during his heart surgery has to be replaced/unblocked. And today I hear he's arguing with his ex-wife in the house (the 2nd one, we haven't heard from the 1st one since she successfully escaped).

The 2nd wife. She seemed psychotic years ago when I went home for my mother's funeral. Yelling and screaming at the three brothers, saying strange things I found hard to believe. Turns out, apparently, that after the divorce she returned to normal and is now remarried to a good man and a great mom to her son. My brother, on the other hand, has given up custody because he apparently can't be bothered (or doesn't want to hassle with it). (hearsay so don't take it as gospel)

But things in Phoenix are not good apparently. Perhaps I need to drive out there in my shiny new yellow car and tell the middle brother to grow the F up.


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