Thursday, January 22, 2004

Had some time this morning so I was poking around the web. Decided to look at other people's blogs (my other friends rather than strangers - who seem increasingly more strange as the years pass - coming from me that quite an achievement) and realized that all of them post more frequently than I do. Guess I'll have to remedy that.


Galaxies continues to consume my gaming time more than it should. Running around doing stuff. As they fix more of the problems with the game more interesting things to try appear. Right now I'm working seriously on becoming a "mad scientist" as I grind with Bio-Engineer and clone animals. My color selection seems to favor reds, oranges and white and those creatures look seriously strange. If I have time I'll take some screen shots of the funnier looking ones.

And it's happened again. I have fun playing one of these games and I help people out with info and items and whatever and the group I'm with wants to "promote" me. I was offered the position of guild "elder" last night since three of them are getting tired of leading the guild and want to go have fun again. I accepted so we'll see what becomes of it. Perhaps that will curb my playing time in there. (the same sort of thing happened when I was playing Everquest about two or three years ago, I got made an officer out of the blue)

While I was big into Xbox during my vacation, my playtime on that has fallen off, initially in a buzz to get back to Galaxies but lately I'm just taking a break from gaming all together when I'm not in there.

Aaron leaves for Oklahoma and a doc job there (hoping to move into sports medicine once he gets established and they have an opening) at the end of the month so we're trying to finish Book 2 of the Witchfire trilogy before he goes. For those who know it or have played they finished the Temple of Cyriss section with a fantastic and heroic death on the part of Skeed Boombelly, Andy's trollkin sorcerer/fellcaller. I may post the death scene I wrote up in their email here sometime soon. His next character choices sound interesting but he hasn't told me what he'll pick. I suggested he try the Gun Mage but I haven't heard back from him on it.

He (Andy) did send us the final epiloge from our long running and incredibly fun Vampire campaign in email finally. Another nice thing to post but it would take a lot of sidebars to make sense to anyone who hadn't heard our stories along the way.


Things have quieted down now that I'm off-oncall. It seemed like there were more remedy tickets that week than any other time I had oncall. Not a lot of pages since we've got most of the *nix machines pretty stable. However when you get there you end up with the problems being really, really strange.

I really need to get back to work on the bigbrother stuff and get the system locked down. Learn more php and get the web submission thing I'm writing finished and in place. Then policies (which when I write them these days are pretty draconic - "No you can't add a machine to bigbrother! Now step aside or I'll gut you!") and procedures then change management to get it up and working. Then I get to design the service based version of it for management and the rest of the place so they'll leave our machine based version alone when they want to know if their email is up or not.


I bought the DVD for the sci fi TV series "Firefly" awhile back and I've been watching it. That was such a fun show. Unfortunately Fox, in their drug induced wisdom (no idea about this just casting aspertions) cancelled it after about 11 episodes. Well I went out today and discovered that a movie is in production right now. Sweet! Time for some "exciting new crime" I guess. is one of the websites I found for this. Let's go see if any of my old links work now.
Nope, the official Fox site looks dead, which isn't unexpected. There is another fan site.

Well enough for now. I'll try to post more frequently so folks away from here will know what I'm up to. Maybe I should bounce Jeff this so he can track the goings on of some of us he left behind!


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