Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Okay, it's been too long since I updated this. I went on vacation on the 18th of December. I drove from here out to Phoenix to see my family. Things there were good and it was great to see all the kids again. Christmas was great. Everyone loved their gifts and my sister-in-law even got me some things (two Xbox games including Jedi Academy, the Indiana Jones DVD set and 'Beers of the World').

Then two days after Christmas (I was sick on the day itself and it took a day to recover) I left Phoenix to drive up to Crested Butte to see Jeff. I went through Four Corners and let me tell you, the roads in southwestern Colorado are miserable. I don't mean they're in bad shape or weren't cleared of snow or anything like that. They're pretty damn good and only a few times were they not cleared a hundred times better than anything here in Missouri. What I mean is that they are narrow, have no guard rails and turn like a rollercoaster at Worlds of Fun!!! Everything I read said it was a one day drive (about 10 hours I figured) but I was still coming down one of the passes at midnight. If the speed limit sign said 35 I was going 25. And it was really something of a crime given the car I have now.

But I got there the next day and the place is fantastic. Words cannot describe it and he lives there all the time! I couldn't go skiing or snowboarding since I broke my pelvis (well I meant to ask the doctor but didn't have the chance) but we did take a snowmobile tour. And let me tell you that those puppies are NOT at all like a motorcycle. But eventually I got used to them and even had fun although I got stuck once, pulled a muscle in my lower back helping get it out and thought I broke it.

I got home on the 3rd of January and have been cleaning up since then. Or being lazy.


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