Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Well I meant to write something last week since it seemed I had a few things to say but as usual I didn't get around to it. So let's take care of it now.


Well I'm not on Op Center duty on Tuesday morning anymore. Bryan shifted the schedule around so those who didn't have it at all have replaced some of us who did. I'm not going to miss getting up early Tuesday morning or going to be early Monday evening but it will take a bit of getting used to.

Things are back to normal, which means I need to get off my duff and get back to work on bigbrother. Not that I haven't been doing anything but our plans have been on hold for a long time now.


The work machine has started getting flaky again. I guess I need to give in and do what Erik does, wipe it, reinstall everything and then make a ghost of it so I can go back to that when it begins to behave strangely. Now the Galaxies forums won't work in IE so I've gotten Mozilla Firebird to use to browse with. I actually like it but all the plug ins have to be reinstalled and some down play nice. But opening new windows in tabs instead of having windows all over the desktop like soda you've spilled on your keyboard is nice.

The main hard drive at home got down to 900Mb free and so I started looking at it thinking there had to be a ton of 1Gb Neverwinter save files I could burn to CD and erase. Once I got into it I realized that I probably wouldn't go back to replay any of those games so there wasn't much point to saving them and adding to the already huge pile of homemade CDs I have that the cat knocks over every other day. So I just deleted them and it didn't free up nearly as much space as I thought it might. So next I removed games that were two versions ago (Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - 4 has been out a long time now - and the like). It was then that I realized that it might be time to actually install that 60Gb hard drive I bought six months ago and never did anything with.

And I want to get a new video card but people tell me to wait till after Christmas and catch the sales. I had decided which one I wanted but I forget now. A bunch of emails flew around some of the gamers at work and I can go back and look at those. I still haven't decided if I should get one of those cheap Dells and have two machines in the house.

The cable modem is working much better now since the virus crises has passed. And the wireless router I got I hooked up, removed and then finally hooked up again. I've gotten used to whatever lag it causes in Galaxies and so now I'm set.


The Iron Kingdoms game got pushed aside for awhile during the holidays but we play again on Thursday. It should be a lot of fun. Aaron is now working on some ... well I don't know what except he'll run it at next years Gamer's Retreat. He sent out a note asking about dice statistics and Andy answered. Turned out his numbers were off but then he is a budding lawyer/english teacher so we should have expected it. Garrett, the math freak, did answer but apparently straight to Aaron so I didn't get to see his wisdom. But then I went through this phase when I was running Deadlands with it's exploding dice.

Their Kung Fu game is apparently waiting playtesting. Andy made up some cards so we have to try to them out. We'll see if it comes back up at this weeks game.

I've slowed down in my Galaxies playing. But things are still fun since I joined a guild. However being as helpful as I usually am in these games has caused them to ask me if I want to be a Colonel in our new towns militia or one of the Huntmasters for the guild. Both seem like they might be interesting but since I did the whole leader thing IRL doing it in a game seems like old hat. Of course knowing me I'd just offer whoever was leading whatever some suggestions so maybe I should take it. For awhile at least. Although I do seem to get more frustrated with other people's leadership mistakes IRL then in-game.

Since I've slowed down in Galaxies I was playing some Xbox recently. Heroes and Crimson Skies. In fact Aaron had Andy and I over last week to play CS and it was a blast. With 3 players it split the screen horizontally so you could see more left and right but if they went vertical you could lose them quickly. We had a blast though. It would be cool with 2 boxes and TVs playing four person. Maybe I should install that old copy of the PC CS game I got awhile back.

A new expansion for Neverwinter Nights is due out soon. And I got the Temple of Elemental Evil game. I installed it here at work but it seems too slow so I'll have to install it at home (was going to anyway) and see if it's faster. Brand was working his way through that one, which was why he hadn't played Galaxies lately.

Other stuff

Well T-Mobile isn't any better than Sprint. But if I had talked to Mary she would have told me. Instead I talked to Erik and since it worked down here where his cube is what he told me wasn't as useful (the only thing he said was that they didn't have good reception at his house but he's south of town further than I am so it shouldn't have been a thing for me). They put a $35 activation charge on my bill which I wasn't told about. And now that I think about it they haven't done anything about my rebate on the phone yet. So far they aren't looking too good.

I sent them an email telling them I was unhappy with this undisclosed fee and they sent back a bland email which said I could dispute it but had no instructions on what or how to do that. I was thinking about that this morning and realized that my email only complained and told them I was unhappy without asking for (or demanding) anything so I couldn't have expected anything but a bland response. But some remorse at my unhappiness might have been somewhat mollifying. Erik told me I should demand to be allowed out of my contract. I think I'll consider this strike one and when they get to strike two I'll drop them. Jeff tells me AT&T has good wireless service, maybe I'll try them next.

Well that's all I can think of ... wait, no I guess I'll put my sister's story about getting a student loan from Bank One in next time. Suffice it to say for now that if you can avoid using Bank One do.


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