Thursday, March 11, 2004

Well this is ironic. Not two days after I post the bit about driving like Han Solo flies I get stopped.

This morning on the way to work I ran into the usual crowd of people who were either not in a hurry or too timid. I change to the other lane since it's moving a *bit* faster. A pickup stuck behind someone does exactly what I would do, he looks over, sees there about enough space for his truck to fit between me and the car I'm behind and pulls in front of me. I spot a cop on a cross steet and think "Great, now they're going to freak and drive as slow as my grandfather used to walk". Sure enough but eventually our lane gets by the slowpoke. I think the pickup is going to pull over but he doesn't. I do when I have the space and boom flashing lights.

So he takes my information. I don't get a ticket but I'm sure that I'm in their computer now so that if I have any other problems in the immediate future then it's driving school for me (or worse).

Time to change my middle name to "MilqueToast". :-)


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