Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Okay back for more details now.

First I drive like Han Solo flies in the 5th Star Wars film. The asteroid belt scene. And it seems that as long as I'm traveling at warp 2 I'm fine (I've only ever had accidents ... well car accidents when I was going slowly, parking lots and the like). It's not that I hate people who don't drive fast, but rather that I often wish they would not-drive-fast in another place besides to my front. But people who don't pay attention to their driving remind me rather forcefully of my motorcycle accident. Them I don't want out here with us at all.

And it stretches to more than just people who don't pay attention to their driving. I seem to see people not paying attention to things happening around them all the time. Bikers or joggers wearing walkmans (walkmen?) oblivious to the car, driven by someone talking on a cell phone while eating a Big Mac, about to run them over.

This just grates on me since way back in my military training it was drummed into me "attention to detail" on the idea that if you took care of the little things then the big things would tend to take care of themselves (not really accurate since you deal with them as you're examining the details but it all works well from what I can tell). This is one of my buttons. And so many people push it so often. One of the little sayings I've coined the last few years is "So many drivers, so little skill. (you may quote me on that)

More later. Maybe the next section will be more coherent.


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