Thursday, February 12, 2004

<whew> Well I'm finished finally.

We have a central logging server where all our other machines dump their logs to and various scripts collate and compile them into log-type by day. It's handy for when the occasional request comes in from the FBI (whoa). Or you get subpoenad (how the heck should I know to spell it? and yes I have been but you don't get to hear that story unless you have a good one to trade for it!). But before we were dissolved and the Combined Server Group created I used to burn the logs to CD (later DVD when we got a burner and it became a pain to burn a quarter's worth of logs onto 30 or 40 CDs).

Apparently it's been nearly a year since I last did it. I went to poke around and discovered we'd lost last year's from January when they were written over by this January. So Monday I started getting prepared. The only DVD burner we have is up in one of the Op Center machines and it runs XP so I can't terminal in without bumping off whoever is manning our seat up here. So I took Op Center duty all this week so that I could burn these puppies (no I didn't come in at 0730 when the shift starts, whoever has that day got to do that, I'm definately not a morning person now that I'm an old man!). 11 DVDs for about 30gigs of files. Now to put appointments on my calender to move a month's logs at the end of it and then burn them every quarter again (I've no particular desire to do this again next year!).

What's up with some of these guy's servers? There's one machine that's apparently had conn problems for three days now. I guess that's a corrolary of the six tiered inbox theory (does this sentenance have a subject or should I have joined it with one of these others?). If no one fixes it and no one calls about it does that mean we can shut it down? How many days does it have to stay broken before we can take it up on the roof and throw it off? If I get really bored today I'll post a php thing where you can vote!

So here's the Six Tiered Inbox Theory. On your desk you stack those inboxes up six high. Incoming projects or paperwork going in the box labelled "Week 1". You don't do anything with it but leave it sit there. If no one has come to you about it at the end of the first week you move it down to the next box down, which (of course) is labelled "Week 2". Rinse and repeat until the item is the bottom, "Week 6" box. At that point at the end of the week you move it from that box to the "circular file".

I actually developed this when I was a staff officer in the Army. I was the S-2 (Intelligence/Security) officer for the battalion. Normally a captain but considered "primary staff" and equivalent to the others (S 1 to 4). The S-3, however, is usually a Major. Ours thought that everyone (except the battalion commander, even he couldn't rationalize that) worked for him. He had a binder on everyone which detailed when he'd told them to do and suchnot - I don't know, I never actually looked inside one. The guys who actually did work for him (were assigned to the S-3 section) had 2 inch binders. The rest of us just had 1 inch ones. But he would come into my office and give me tasks. I'd smile and nod and look attentive until he left, whereupon I would file his tasking in the circular file and go back to what the I knew was my job and what the commander had tasked me with. Eventually (after about ten months of this) he finally got wise to what I was doing with these taskings and he'd tell me (after I smiled and nodded) "No Jim, this is really important" (everything we really important to him, the implication was there was a ranking system for it but everything always seemed to be "urgent"). More stories about this particular Major may follow (it's not that he was a bad person, just that if you looked "micro-manager" up in the dictionary you'd see his picture).

Why is it that everyone presumes that I know everything about all the windows systems? I know I'm one of the *nix guys. Everybody on the team knows I'm on the *nix side. I guess it's the same reason that when I'm shopping in Wal-Mart random people will come up to me and ask if "we" carry something or where to find something.

Well I bought season one of "Stargate SG-1". I'm through the first disk and onto the second and I've decided to get the rest of them. It's pretty good. Richard Dead Anderson (MacYver) does a nice mix of goofy/off-the-cuff, macho-a$$kicking and a few other takes pretty damn well. Amanda Tapping is awfully cute and plays a smarter-than-you-are scientist type. And Christopher Judge does Teal'c very well. A strange mix of Trek's Data (not understanding humans), the stoic Viking warrior and a few other character types. "The Tick" (the live action, not the animated) series was released and I ordered it as well.

The planning for the 3rd Annual Allstar Gaming Retreat is in full swing. Our list of invitees keeps increasing and there's a practical limit to the number of gamers will fit in a cabin in the woods (or would want to) but it will, beyond doubt, be as much fun as the first two were. I may put some AAR (after action review) comments up when it's over. It won't happen till mid April though.

Well that's enough for now. I was reading other people's blogs so I got verbose (does that word apply to the typed word?) so I may post again tomorrow or early next week.


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