Monday, March 15, 2004

Okay this is spooky. In our email "Transcendence" game that Jeff started after he left Missouri for Colorado, I've been looking at getting some server space from Brian Dourty and setting up a php message board arrangement. That would work better than our current email arrangement. As part of this I went out to today to see what domain name I could gin up based on my various nicknames. Nothing wasn't taken so I put my last name in and that lead me to google myself. I found a guy named Jim Heivilin in Virginia who apparently teaches skydiving and remodels houses. There's also a Donna and a Naomi out there that got quite a few hits.



The planning for the Third Annual All Star Gamer's Retreat is coming along nicely. We've got a date and Jay has locked in the location. The schedule of games seems to be pinned down. Now the menu.


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