Thursday, April 01, 2004

One of the guys at the CS tournament has proposed some mottos for the C.A.D.D.. Some of them are pretty funny. (the ones I like are in italics)

  1. "When all else fails...shoot 'em"
  2. "Respect: Show it on the ground, teach it in the sky"
  3. "Real pilots rely on skill"
  4. "Any crash you fly away from is a good one"
  5. "Don't fire so you can see the whites of their eyes"
  6. "A pristine plane is one that hasn't been flown properly"
  7. "Any goon in a cockpit can pull a trigger...we're not them"
  8. "We're the reason they call it a dogfight"
  9. "We'll teach you to fear a plane without ammo" (or"without using ammo")
  10. "Guns don't do enough damage"
  11. "Fear our pilots, not our planes"
  12. "We'll give you a more personal sendoff"
  13. "Never trust a gun to get the job done"
  14. "Dents prove character"
  15. "Surely we could shoot ya down, but what's the sport in that?" (this one sounds particularily southern to my yankee mind)
  16. "Why waste ammo on commonfolk" or "Waste ammo on commonfolk? Surely you jest!"
  17. "Gunfire is too uncivilized"
  18. "We'll still respect you...on the ground"

He suggested a ram's head/horns in the logo. Thanks Dave!


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