Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Well this makes four.

We've still got two of those old IBM sp nodes that we can't seem to get people off of. Well finally the CECS deparment got stuff moved over and they wanted to back up their old data "just in case". Rather than take up what's become precious tape space I suggested we burn it to DVD and volunteered to do it (I should learn that bad things happen when you volunteer - like getting thrown out of airplanes!).

I've been trying to copy this 4Gb of data over to the machine with the DVD burner on it for two days now. This is the fourth attempt. Circular links to old zero length files seem to be the culprit responsible. We nfs mounted the space onto our other main file server and I tried copying the data from there. The winscp program I was using wasn't working well enough so I fell back to a command line program. Two iterations later after having tried the source data again it's still in progress. Of course I halted it, erased the copy and started over.

Let's hope this one is the last try.


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