Thursday, April 08, 2004

Well I managed to get about 1.79Gb of the 4.2Gb that's there before it blew up again. It turns out that I was working directly with the AIX node the first two attempts. On the third I worked with an rsynced copy which had removed some of the recursive symlinks (I hoped). This time it got a security error for trying to copy a '.' and a '..' path.

So I talked to Bryan as he was walking by and he had me try SecureFX to SFTP the data down. That blew up on the first try too so I upgraded to the latest version and it seems to be running better. More error checking I'm hoping. Man these kids (cecs students) write bad code and have lots of bad filenames.

On another note I finished watching the first disk of Kung Fu. Then watched the supplemental material. I didn't remember that they had started using slow motion in their fight scenes. The censors had a better time with the violence when it was slower. As David Carradine said "it seemed softer somehow". I wonder when John Woo started using the slow motion stuff in his films? This show was early or mid 1970s.


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