Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Okay, I don't pay enough attention (kind of ironic for someone who proclaims - loudly sometimes - how blind the rest of the world is) sometimes. I order a book online and then see it in the bookstore and buy it. Now I have two. Great! I even started a spreadsheet (it really should be a database but I didn't know much about them then) to track what books I had so I could check before I ordered to see. I got about 1/3rd of the way through all my books (and even 1/3rd is a big pile o'books).

But anyway I had a second copy of the Crimson Skies (tie in to the Xbox game) novel and was thinking it would be a good "prize" for the retreat. This spawned a series of ideas about how to award prizes (I found an extra DVD and another book and I'm sure there's more) but finally this morning I hit upon the perfect prize idea. I'm going to have a grab bag of goodies and the guys running the games at the retreat can pick one as a thank you for running (instead of playing). I'm really proud of that idea but I don't know if I should announce it to the list before hand or just bring the stuff with me. I'm leaning toward the later but I want to sound the idea out on someone to check it.


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