Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Well I remember some of it. Then of course more is added.

I was listening to the radio (BXR) while I got ready this morning and Mo & Lana were talking about some "new science" (as they call it) they read which said that some researchers at the U of I (Go Illini!) had invented a process to turn pig manure into crude oil. The punch line was about invading Iowa and protestors screaming "No blood for pig manure!".

I talk too much.

That's no revelation to anyone who knows me. But it seems recently that I don't mind being and doing things alone so much. Been that way for awhile now but lately it seems that I save up all the normal amount of conversation during those periods and then unload it at the next opportunity.

About two weeks ago I got ready for our regular Sunday game. I neglected to check my email and find out that Jason couldn't make it (and it was a weekend for his Vampire game). Go I go to Okii Mana's and get my dinner then head over to Andy's. Well Andy, knowing we were playing because he does read his email, had gone to one of the coffee houses to study. So I show up and Kerry is working on some craft projects. But she got unloaded on since I'd spent most of the weekend alone till that point. Discussions about charities and how the collection agencies are as annoying as telemarketers and don't give nearly enough of the money to the organizations. What we like to contribute to and why. It's surprising the woman didn't run screaming into the streets.

Lorie got it last weekend after we went to Casa Nueva for dinner. This time it was about how directors use camera angles to make things look bigger than they really are and how it's understandable that many actors want to eventually try their hand at directing.

And here I thought dumping all those spare brain waves here was sufficient!


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