Wednesday, May 05, 2004

It's a well known (though seemingly seldom considered) fact that only 20% of communication is actually verbal and the remaining 80% a combination of other things most of which is body language. Consider your car (and your driving). Wouldn't the turn signals (among other smart/saft driving techniques) be considered communication? If so is it verbal communication or body language? And if you don't use them what does that indicate about you (besides my usual rant that you don't know how to drive!)?

Byron bounced some of us this the other day. I watched it this morning and it reminds me a lot of a video that Jeff and Shae made years ago (while going to school here) about assorted Cthulhuesque things. Especially the style. I wonder if Jeff still has that VHS tape and if we can ditigize it and put it someplace on the web. I wonder if we should?

I finally remembered (when I was listening to the radio in the shower this morning, and then promptly nearly forgot again) the quote that fled my brain. Well the circumstances at least. Last weekend I was watching the next disk in season six of Stargate SG-1 and O'Neil was talking to one of the asgard I think when he made his comment about the shoe dropping and the alien in question promised to try to avoid falling footwear. Now I need to go back and watch that disk again to see if I can find the quote and write it down. What will likely happen is that I'll realize that this isn't where it was from.


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