Friday, May 21, 2004

Now the *real* fun starts

Well in response to an email I sent to our group (at work) Erik (rightly) points out "how are we/they supposed to know when we/they are contagious?" and shouldn't come to work for fear of infecting the rest of us/them. Having taken biology exactly zero times I have no idea except an inkling that you're going to be contagious before you actually start hacking and coughing and otherwise showing symptoms. So I don't have an answer to that. However, that's doesn't make it any more pleasant when you've had this crud for ten days now with no end in sight. Or wondering if there was a way to avoid it, especially since it's not your fault you got it. Perhaps not his fault either.

Hereabouts the kids are off school now for summer vacation. Everyone slept in this morning (well Cameron didn't wake me up until 6 this time and putting him in my bed got him back to sleep for another hour and a half). But it seems to be more difficult to get them to do their chores before we go see "Shrek 2" than it had been previously. I know if I go down and turn the TV off until chores are done there'll be tons of screaming but telling them they won't be able to go doesn't seem to get them moving any faster. Ah, the joys of parenthood ... ;-P


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