Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Hello from Sun City

Okay I don't really know what Phoenix is called (the way Chicago is called "the Windy City") and there actually is a suburb named "Sun City" but anyway hello from Phoenix.

Jon and Tricia should be landing in Montigo Bay about now. I dropped them off at the airport last night about 10 and their plane was supposed to leave near midnight. Turns out it actually left an hour later and when they called to talk to the kids before they went to school this morning they were still in country.

The first morning (and last night too) actually went well. Matt is doing his best to behave and doing pretty well. I'm not going to provide too many details about why this is so significant but let's just say that his mother dying from a brain tumor when he was eight has turned out to be the least of his problems. If they all keep up this behavior I'm going to get all teary eyed when I have to leave next week.

Now I know that the guy in the cubicle over the wall from me doesn't read this but if, by some strange quirk of fate he does, I want to warn him that I'm going to give him the Mother of All Charlie Horses when I get back. He was hacking and coughing all last week (well Monday and Tuesday anyway) and he gave it to me before I left. If I were there it would be no big deal, I'd just take some sick leave and get over it. But I'm here and it now sounds like Cameron (the youngest) is coughing. However I didn't give it to Jon or Tricia before they left (that would really, really suck, getting this sick in Jamaca!). But let me say it for the record (and quite forcefully),

"If your Freaking SICK stay the Freak HOME DAMN IT!. I have not now, nor have I ever had, any desire to experience YOUR illness." (even to avoid working with people I don't much like or do projects which are stupid)

All for now, more updates from Phoenix coming.


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