Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Will Dell help?

Well I posted a request for help to Dell's site. We'll see how quickly and to what effect they help me.

Funny, it seems that whenever I'm away from the computer I ponder things and end up with at least a couple I want to post here but when I sit down to type most of them have slipped away. Maybe I can try to put a few of them up here now.

Water in your ears. I got water in my left ear a couple of times last week when I was showering. It's always a pain when I can't get it out since I have to then use isopropyl alcohol which leaves me smelling of it. Ah well, nothing this week so far.

"And then there was One"

Jeff asked Laura to marry him and she said yes and he told us about it. It seems like I'm the last then. And it's not for a desire to avoid matrimony, rather a lack of opportunity. Or perhaps a fear of involvement since I've been by myself for so many years. But the last one was Lorie and she came back from the War last April and said she only wanted to be friends. It had been going so well up to that point, or so I thought. Well at least it wasn't as bad as Lucy where I went home for Christmas and came back and she was married.

I think I don't like to travel anymore. I like being settled someplace and into a routine but not picking up, packing, getting to the airport (or driving), arriving and unpacking. It's all so disruptive and I want it to just be over. I fly out of KC tomorrow at 2ish, which means packing tonight and then driving up tomorrow. Ah well, it'll be good to see the kids again.

Maybe more later.


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