Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Further Developments on the News at 11

Okay, I think I'll keep posting this while I'm in Phoenix so that anyone who wants to know how it's going watching the kids can stay tuned. They have a new interface and I'll have to poke around some and see what it does. At first look it seems like they've gotten comments now so I took the HaloScan stuff back out again and still have people post things to my entries.

Ryan D is leaving at the end of the Month. Serious bummer. He was my *nix go-to guy. First Joe leaves and I can't go to him for advice or to get pointed in the right direction. Now him. Well Bryan says this will be a great opportunity for him. However I won't get to talk to him much about the whole deal since he's last day will be Friday the week I get back. First Erik leaves the group then this. At this rate I'll be the *nix guru in a few months. Except that Brian and Jill just bought a house so he's probably not leaving. And I don't think Brand will go since Bobbi's family is in town. And as long as Erik's daughter is here they won't leave town even if he does change jobs. But then you've always had to change jobs in order to advance at the University (in IT at least).


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