Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Since I can't get another bike

People who know me know I had a motorcycle accident a year ago last October. Some bozo made an illegal left hand turn out of a parking lot while I had right-of-way and I smashed into him and sailed over his hood, breaking my bike up good and my pelvis. At least that's what the police report says. I don't remember any of it (which is probably a good thing). I got a Subaru WRX as a balm instead of getting another bike and testing my luck further that people actually KNOW how to drive (see previous posts on people's driving). It's a sweet little car based off their World Rally car from about 8 or 10 years ago (that design won 9 of the last 11 World Rally Cups).

However while I was in Phoenix we went out to visit my cousine Kirsten (No, it's not Kristen, her mother is Danish - as in from Denmark, my-uncle-married-a-Danish-girl-after-the-war Danish). She married a new guy a few years ago, a former cowboy apparently. They bought a house on the outskirts of the city and have (now) four horses. Quarterhorses, three ... drat, I forget what kind but the other one is a sorrel (Rusty, the calm one, Flash, who always wants to run, Buddy and Thor, who bucks lately). The kids all rode at least once (Cameron, the littlest, rode four times and Nick, the next youngest three) and then she and I took a ride. I knew I wasn't doing it well but I was trying. And I was looking around thinking "This is pretty damn cool". I forgot the hat I bought last Christmas in Tombstone, D'oh! And now I understand why they where those goofy looking boots with the huge heal and the pointy toes. My damn tennis-shoe/hiking-boots wouldn't go into the stirrup for crap and they kept wanting to slide out. So the bug for this has bitten now and I'll have to talk to Mary and see if someone she rides with has a horse I can ride a few times to see if the it takes.


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