Friday, May 28, 2004

You did WHAT?

Well Ryan told me today (when we went to Classy's for his leaving lunch) that Tristin got chewed out by her realtor for this clause to the listing thing. I guess she didn't much like doing what the customer wanted even if it means she doesn't make any money on the deal. Not an attitude which would make me want to go with her. But I'm pretty much decided on going this way.

And my landlord called again telling me he was going to stop by "to chat". No idea what this means but I'm wondering when my lease is up and if it might have something to do with that.

I'm reading George R.R. Martin's "Game of Thrones". Maybe I should go get the FFG board game too. I was really getting into it and recalling what Jay had told me about the families in the story (no real clear hero, everyone has something bad about them). Then the one that seemed to be shaping up to be heroic (Bran) is pushed out the window by the Queen's lover (her brother? not really sure who is who yet) after accidentily hearing them conspire against his father.

Only one more disk of Stargate SG-1 episodes left. Done with Kung Fu but still have all the Battlestar Galactica and The Tick ones left to go through. And a few movie DVDs yet to watch.


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