Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Brain Dump

Well waiting to go to dinner with Ryan and Tristan. She's a research hound apparently and she's done a ton of research into buying a house and she's going to unload on me so that I can decide if I want to buy their house. Apparently we'll save (I'll save?) a bunch of money if we don't mess with a realtor. I went to look over some of the VA loan stuff and it's a headache. I found the form you have to submit (to the St. Louis Regional VA office) and it was a pdf but the file was corrupt and wouldn't print much less display. I sent off a note to their webmaster but given Government bureaucracy it'll be some time after I retire before it's fixed.

I also played around with the template some more trying to make the BlogItemTitles smaller and they turned red. Not that much smaller but enough that the day title looks bigger, which is what I wanted.


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