Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Okay I give up

Jeff is having his "bachelor" party next month up in Colorado and we have a bunch of cool activies planned. But in order for me to survive I need to dump about 30 pounds and get some of my endurance back. So today I rode my bike (need to put more air in the tires) over to the gym. I found the door in the same place as last time (three weeks ago?) but everything inside had moved with no indication where the changing rooms were. They haven't had a shower there in forever but after wandering around for twenty minutes I've decided to go join some gym which is actually RUN like a business.

I mean I know that they wanted to keep it open for people to use (in a desparate attempt to keep some of their "customers") and that probably extended the project timeline by 1.5. I tried to continue to patronize the place but this is the fourth or fifth time I've had this happen. If they communicated with us to tell us that things had moved then I think I wouldn't have been nearly as frustrated. Even a map inside saying "hey we've moved the changing rooms to here!".

Time to dig out that free trial for Gold's.


Blogger Logan said...

30 pounds in a month...? It can be done... but it's pretty tough...


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