Thursday, June 03, 2004


Everyone hates them. They hate themselves. Dave Barry got two weeks worth of blog entries off of a column he wrote about them publishing one of their organizational phone numbers telling people if they were unhappy with them as a group to call and let them know (it took less than a day before it went to a machine and another day before they had to shut it down entirely).

But I've got a new arch-nemesis (my arch-annoyance is still Ray Bacon). Charitable organization collection agencies. Awhile ago I came into enough money that I decided to expand my yearly donation to the Alzheimer's Foundation (no idea if I spelled that correctly). I ended up giving some money to about four or six different things. They were happy. For a little while. Then they started calling asking for more, but it wasn't the next year it seemed. I pared things down until now it's only my original charity, a Missouri police organization and a firefighters organization. Eventually I started keeping much closer track of when I last donated so that I'd confirm that they had already called and I caught one attempt. Then I read somewhere that there are whole "telemarketing" companies that specialize in charitable donations. However only about 30 cents of every dollar actually gets to whomever they're soliciting for. And their just as annoying as regular telemarketers. I was running late this morning (I stayed up way to late playing Neverwinter Nights) and the phone rang just as I was getting my breakfast, moments from rushing out the door. It was a woman calling for the firefighters. I told her to send me something in the mail and hung up on her. (usually I'll listen long enough for them to say their name and who they're with before I tell them I'm not interested and hang up)

I know perfectly well that the police officers and firefighters aren't the ones calling but their the ones who have my undying respect and admiration (as opposed to the telemarketers who are only slightly above politicians and slightly below used car salesmen). But still I'd be more willing to sit and listen to THEM talk than the people who do call.


Blogger Logan said...

Having worked for a charity, I know this is even worse than it appears. I worked for Indiana Easter Seals. Most of the charity's funds go toward "administrative cost" and not the the actual charity. When people ask me to give to charity, I tell them I choose to give with my time by volunteering.


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