Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Okay I heard a commercial this morning for the Missouri Lottery. The "Lost Treasure" promotion. A cubicle dweller is being rebuked by his boss for standing outside another dweller's cubicle in a puffy shirt and eyepatch telling him he should prepared to be boarded, then stealing his stapler, paper punch, etc. Pirate informs Boss that he didn't steal it, he "plundered". Boss asks if he still has the items and Pirate tells him they're in his "treasure chest". Boss tells him he should give them back and Pirate tells him "okay, but he'll need this map!".

I almost spit toothpaste all over the mirror! (okay maybe you have to hear it)

The recent Sprint commericals aren't too bad either, where the teacher is telling all her 2nd graders that they'll have to tell her how many minutes they want to use the dodge ball for next year. Of course with Sprint the horse will be a fossilized and in the process of being unearthed by future archeologists before they stop beating it so you all can "enjoy" these too. But at least they're better (keeping in mind that three times zero is still zero) than the frat/sorrity (no it's not spelled right but I care so much about the "Greeks" that I'm not going to go look) ones where they scream.


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