Monday, June 07, 2004

Bring me the head of the marketing guy!

Okay the original phrase was from Dilber ("Bring me the head of Willy the mailboy"). But my point is that commercials these days are stupid and getting more stupid (no, "stupider" is not a word!). I remember those Taco Bell commercials with the chiwawa (that's not how that's spelled either ... looking it up, ... well that was too easy, apparently it's "chiuaua"). Those were generally pretty funny. My favorite is when he's (it was a she, wasn't it?) running through the scene again and again and goes by some old people in a retirement home watching Jeopardy. She pauses long enough for you to hear the question and then says "What is a logarithm?" in that voice they gave her.

But I heard one of their new radio spots this morning while I was showering. Something stupid about some former frat guy who put "low grade explosives" (what does THAT mean?) in the pinatas he made (also spelled ... well not wrong but missing the tilde). Their food I don't mind (it's not beef but it's not bad) and eat occasionally, but their commercials suck a$$ ever since they got rid of the chiuaua.

Sonic is another one in this boat. I like their food. Their popcorn chicken was good, tater tots are always good and the fried cheese can't be beat. But those two idiotic guys in the commercials making fun of other fast food places. You want to reach through the screen and slap them. Hard!

And this doesn't even cover commercials for things/places I don't like.

So if the intelligence or creativity of the advertising folks is gone, where did it go? Certainly not to the TV script writers. At least not on the big networks. I hear the Sopranos season finale was really good so maybe the good ones went to cable.

And when is this guy who came up with the idea for Suvivor going to fall off the Earth?


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