Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Mary and I skipped out of work early yesterday and went to see "Troy". I enjoyed it and even though they may have mutilated "The Illiad" (it's been so long ago I've read it I don't remember enough of the details to know) it was a fun romp. The horses had no stirrups, the spears looked accurate, chariots, short swords, etc. And only Agememnon seems to be the real villian and the hero is fighting for him (albiet reluctantly). Gonna get this one on DVD but you should see it on the big screen since the huge armies won't be as impressive on your TV.

A cool Trek story on WWDN, check it out.

The house inspection yielded a few things but only one that Erik and I can't fix. And last night the realtor and I went out to the house to verify it and she's going to call a plumber to take a look at it. Now I need to get the homeowner's policy set up.

Lost my ID card too so I'm going to have to jump through some bureaucratic hoops today or tomorrow.


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