Wednesday, July 07, 2004

"Tomorrow, tomorrow"

Okay so I can't sing. But tomorrow we leave for the "Macho Man Mountain Madness", as Jeff's bachelor party has become know. It's supposed to be about a 15 hour drive, 1,050 miles from here to Crested Butte (Jason or Jack get to drive when we go over Monarch Pass!). Friday morning we go horseback riding then play something in the afternoon with a campfire version of our "Brotherhood game" as it's become know. Saturday we're going white water rafting with some more gaming and then Sunday we go hiking and/or downhill mountain biking. Then we load up the van and drive back here with his wedding next weekend.

I'm supposed to be an usher for it but had no idea until last night when (time-wise) the wedding was, the rehearsal dinner or anything. Now I've got a better idea and I leave at 4 to get measured, then take the data with me to give to him (he's now in charge of this I gather).


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