Monday, June 28, 2004

"A quality name in reality television"

Lana used that term this morning on the radio about Mark Burnet, you know the guy who created Survivor. My other rants about how stupid reality TV is aside, if I recognized him in the parking lot it would be the devil's own time to not run over him. It's not that I wish him dead, I just wish him in the hospital long enough that he can't create any more idiocy. And given most American's attention span if he's out of things for 18 months the craze should die (I say this knowing full well this only applies to good things which disappear to soon and never to crap that lingers longer than it's smell).

Oh and isn't this one of those oxymorons, like "military intelligence"?

The moving has started. Or actually the throwing out has started. I showed the house to Lorie this weekend and took three bags of trash from the garage to the old house so I could put it out Tuesday evening. Then I started on the garage and filled three more bags without really trying. I alternated between the garage, the front bedroom (not much progress made there) and gaming. Too much gaming and not enough throwing out.


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