Friday, July 02, 2004

"AT&T Customer Service"

The new picture in the dictionary under the term "oxymoron"!

I stopped using my home phone for long distance when I got a cell phone awhile back (several years). However they still charged me monthly about two dollars and thirty cents. Given that it probably cost them quite a bit more than this to process my two dollar check every month I continued to pay, getting a chuckle every month. Then shortly into this year the charged jumped up to nearly twelve dollars a month, for basically nothing. This wasn't quite so funny so early in April I called to have my AT&T "service" cancelled. It very nearly took an Act of Congress to get it separated and no less than five attempts by the "technician" to sell me other AT&T plans. I was given a "confirmation number" and told I had to contact my local phone company to confirm my disconnection from AT&T. I thought I was done. However in June and July (and possibly in May, I don't have that bill with me right now) I was sent a bill. On the 18th of June I called AT&T "Customer Service" to find out what the problem was. I was told that it was a billing error and that I would need to speak with someone in billing. They then dumped me back into AT&T's monumental(ly frustrating) menu and I was promptly lost somewhere.

I got another bill this month telling me I hadn't paid my previous bill. So I called again and after nearly an hour I finally actually did talk to a billing specialist (after getting put back into the menu three times and talking to two different people explaining the situation in horrendous detail each time). She told me that my termination occured two days into the billing cycle and they didn't prorate the charges so I had to pay the $11.18. Thus my proclamation that "AT&T 'Customer Service'" has replaced "Military Intelligence" as the Most Ironic Oxymoron Ever(tm).


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