Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Now what have I forgotten?

This morning it was changing my voter registration. I was purposely intending to make sure I voted in today's Missouri primary in order to do my part to ensure Bob Holden (our current governor who had cut 175 million from education last year) earned his epitath ("One Term Bob"). I wondered whether telling them that I had moved was a wise thing to do before I went it but it wasn't nearly as painful as I feared. And at the new polling place they actually had a sheet with my info on it (probably from my changing the address at the Post Office last Monday).

So I filled my ovals and cast my vote. But I wonder what else I've forgotten. I know there's something but nothing pops into my head yet. The cleaning service comes in on Friday and I need to go over tonight to put out the big pile of trash bags for tomorrow morning. I have to be in the house from 5 to 7 to meet the cable guy and get reconnected to the internet (as bad as Mediacom is).

Other than that it's unpacking again and again and where did I put X (the keys to Ryan's other car, the antenna for the TV - although I won't need that after today I hope).


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