Friday, July 23, 2004

Wow, blogs galore

I was in the Op Center this afternoon so I got stuff done and was then poking around. Among other things I found the blogs of the SWG guild. Man these guys worry about women a bunch. Of course I've had so much luck myself I've got no room to talk but at least I've learned not to get bummed about it.

The sinus thing is still here and still reminding me every few hours that it's here. Drugs man, more drugs.

Wonder when Erik & Mary get home so I can borrow the pickup. Need to do some heavy duty loads over to the new place since I only have a week left. Prolly going to take time off all week. The temptation will be to not play Galaxies when I should be packing. Don't feel like doing much in there anyway, factory jobs to finish and product to deliver. Damn sounds like RL!

Well op center shift is over so back downstairs.


Blogger Booois said...

Well man good luck with the moving, I saw you on line last night. That wasn't packing/moving time was it HEHE. Well anyway good luck getting it all done. Hope the drugs helped as well.

Yeah your SWG time has definitely become limited to making stuff, collecting stuff or delivering stuff. You need to get out some time. I miss the times we used to spend hunting/dieing together. Next time were on maybe we can go kill some stuff together, just for S&G's or even if it is collecting stuff you need then just for the fun of it.

Blogger Jas said...

Me worry about women too much? No not this guy....

Blogger banzai said...

Well it could be that the blog is the dumping ground so you don't think/worry too much about anything.


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