Friday, August 13, 2004

"Keep the fridge stocked with Coke"

So many of my rants are spawned (at least the title and the beginning) but the stupid commercials I hear on the radio while I'm getting ready for work. The latest is from Coke. Some kid arrives home (not his home but his friends) and the friend's mom greets him thinking it's her son. He decided to come over and wait for his buddy to get done with soccer practice. More kids arrive looking for him, seemingly because they know his mom keeps her fridge stocked with coke. The theme is that you should keep coke in the house because you never know when your friends will drop by. Okay, not a bad concept. Except that mom and dad bought the coke and it's not their friends who are drinking it! Dumb. Not as dumb as other commercials (the Sonic guys on TV are very nearly the definition of stupid and "Mr. Wendy, unofficial spokesman" for Wendy's is a close second) but still pretty damn moronic.

Anyway the game went well, as long as you understand when this crowd gets together (especially after having been off for so long) that they get easily diverted. The humor level was just as low as it had always been and Lorie got embarrased by the lewd jokes but was awarded the Gay Mistress (Andy regained his title of Gay Master which he was awarded at the Retreat) title for the best lewd joke of the evening (after having tripped a sonic trap which rang a gong she made a joke about the size of Grindel's "gong"). We aren't playing next week since Andy is out for vacation before he has to start year 3 of Law School, but we're going to go every Wednesday until we finish Book 3 of the trilogy. Even every week it still may be several months before we're finished since (SPOILERS) they've only just entered the Tomb of Lost Souls and have to get the undead Legion, return to Corvis and win the fight with Raelthorne's Skorn Army.

Unpacking is progress but not nearly fast enough. I still haven't found the keys for Ryan's Taurus but I've got one of Erik's daughter's friends lined up to take it once I get the title from him and we get it opened. Apparently this fellow uses working together on "project" cars as a way to bond with his kids, pretty successfully too it seems. This weekend Erik is helping me clear out the foliage around the back (wire) fence so the fence contractor can install the wooden fence starting on the 20th. John and Becca are coming over to help me take the rest of the old carpet to the dump so the garage will actually be open enough to park the car in. Now to get the other half of it outfitted as a workout area/workshop.

Work is busy since we have bunches of stuff to get finished before school starts. In fact I should be relocating several folders of user web junk out of apache's htdocs folders instead of typing this. Got a few persistent remedy tickets finished including some obscure php stuff, some mysterious tigerlink problems and some stuff that I could actually fix. School starts on the 23rd and we (our group) aren't supposed to help with installs this time around. Our job is to "keep stuff up" supposedly but we'll see how this plan survives first contact with the enemy.


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