Monday, August 30, 2004

Too. Much. Food.

The housewarming party Saturday went very well. Turn out was better that I feared and yet I still bought too much food! Everyone seems to have had a good time and he house is actually still standing. Now for one for the work gang next Saturday ...

Ryan's Taurus is gone! Woo Hoo. In searching through the boxes for Xbox games that Jack's boys could play I found the box from the top of the dresser so I spread it all over the kitchen counter until I found the keys. Jessika's friend and her father came over quick like and they hauled it away (it started but they couldn't drive it).

The new bbq (or as Imoen says "bbqp" although I'm not sure on pronounciation) works well but I forgot to put a can under to catch the grease. We set it up in the garage since it rained off and on most of Saturday.

Sunday I went out to get City of Heroes. It was a bust trying to get my credit card info into it, apparently because some of them (despite my having given them the new address and them now sending the statements to the new address) haven't updated their records. After much mumbling and growling it finally took one of them. Not a terribly high speed operation, their web stuff. Every time I clicked a link it told me that my ActiveX settings were preventing their page from displaying correctly. So I put them in my trusted sites list and it then told me it wanted to download and install an app and no matter what I did it continued displaying that message. So even before I start playing the game I'm not impressed by the professionalism of the company.

However I finally got into the game and got playing and it was pretty fun. It could be that it's just a new game but Erik came on later and even though he was level 13 and I was 4 it let us group together by me becoming his sidekick, and fighting at level 12. Not a bad idea. We fought 5th columnist, witches, thugs/outcasts and so on. Keeping Paragon City safe for strange people who run around waving their arms in the air all the time.


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