Thursday, August 19, 2004

A failure to communicate

I had a fence contractor come and do an estimate earlier this month. I didn't want to keep the dog chained in the backyard too long, she starts digging if she gets bored or too hot. I thought we'd scheduled it to start tomorrow, the 20th. So this afternoon I called to find out if I needed to be there and it turns out that I apparently didn't make it clear to him that I wanted to go ahead with it so he hadn't scheduled it.

Fortunately he can start next Monday instead of tomorrow so it's not too bad. Or perhaps I should say not as bad as it could have been.

My test results came back just about the time I was going to call the doctor asking if he was ever going to give me a refill on my lipitor prescription. It reported that my cholesterol was down to 188 (from 240ish when I went to them about 2 years ago). If I can trim off this extra 30 pounts (okay, it may be closer to 40) then my numbers should get real good.

We have a guild rancor hunt scheduled for tonight in Galaxies. Hopefully I should get a few tens of kays of meat from it. I made Teras Kasi Master last night so I won't be in for the experience too. But I get a head shot now which is supposed to make me even more formitable, as well as upgrades to my unarmed strike and my knockdown.

The master bathroom seems to be outfitted okay so now I need to see what the other bathroom needs. The laundry room is good, the car fits in the garage (still need to "build" the gym in there), the living/dining room is got some bare-bones stuff. So as soon as the fence is done I think it'll be time to schedule the house-warming/thank-you party.

Got to go, have to put more hydrochortizone on my arms, they're starting to itch like crazy.


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