Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Okay I talked a few days ago about how we had 38,000 more kids in town now but last week I managed to avoid most of them so I didn't really notice it. I even managed to avoid the insanity that is their parents driving around town with no idea where they're going (so they stop in unexpected places because they think they've missed their turn, etc.).

Now they have to go to class and are settled into their apartments so traffic definately shows us that there are more cars out. <assorted comments about traffic and drivers have been done to death around here>

The house is furnished enough now that it feels like a place I live. Routines have started and even been procrastinated (I should have vacuumed the carpet on Sunday, it's "shedding" again). Gaming is even setup. The fence contractor managed to put in the posts on Friday but it was too rainy yesterday for them to finish it (I presume). Today it's supposed to storm too so we'll see.

The housewarning party is Saturday but I don't have that many RSVPs. I guess I'll just buy food assuming lots of people are coming and if the turnout is low then I'll have groceries for a month.

Work is slowing down some. Yesterday it was hard to stay awake in the afternoon but I have some things to do while I wait for 2 more ports to be turned on so I can finish installing two new servers. But I keep forgetting to bring my lunch. D'oh


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