Tuesday, September 07, 2004

"The Bankrupcy Center"

Does anyone else find it disheartening that bankrupcy is now advertised? That it seems more "forgiveable" than it might have been in the past. I'm all for second chances, it is in the spirit of good will, but I always looked upon bankrupcy as giving up, surrendering. And that seemed to me to be just short of saying "will you manage my finances for me since I seem to be incapable of it?".

I guess I just don't like giving up. Some hereditary stuborness perhaps. Maybe nurtured and fueled by the military. But I got into trouble years ago and spent nearly three long years digging my way out. And I was very proud of the fact that I paid off all my debt.

But when I went to buy my house I was told that a bankrupcy will only stay on your credit history for two years while the events which often cause people to go into the various debt consolidation programs will stay for seven. That doesn't seem like the way to encourage fiscal responsibility and payment of debts.

But then that could also be why they elected a man who has no intention of balancing the budget (my 'bad at math' analogy was apparently too subtle for some people).


Anonymous CreditWise said...

It is important to intrust finances to good specialists if you can't rightly manage them yourself. As for me, I am against big purchases on credit. For example, if you buy a house on credit, you will overpay too much.


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